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TrolMaster Hydro-X Variable Frequency Drive Station

TrolMaster Hydro-X Variable Frequency Drive Station

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VFD-1 Variable Frequency Drive is specifically designed to control Inverters including TECO E510, DELTA ME300, ABB ACS355 (with an FMBA-01 module) etc. with the Hydro-X Pro controller for the purpose of controlling and adjusting the speed of industrial fans in your application. There is no need to provide power supply for the VFD-1 unit. It can be connected to the Hydro-X Pro with a simple RJ12 phone cable.

  • No Extra Power Needed
  • LCD Display, Easy Operation
  • Micro-SD for Firmware Updates
  • Seamless Connectivity with Hydro-X Pro
  • Connect with inverter to control industrial fans
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