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Gaia Green Organics Alfalfa Meal

Gaia Green Organics Alfalfa Meal

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Organic Dry Food - 1.0 Kg/2.2 LBS

  • A great organic source of nitrogen and potassium.

  • Readily decomposes to release nutrients, with no risk of burning.

  • An excellent compost activator

  • Alfalfa contains compounds known to benefit plant growth.


GAIA GREEN Alfalfa Meal is rich in nitrogen and potassium, and helps benefit plant growth through enhanced nutrient release and improved soil quality.

In addition to being a great fertilizer, our Alfalfa Meal is one of the best compost activators, especially when combined with Glacial Rock Dust. Alfalfa Meal will not only accelerate the composting process, but also increases nutrient content in finished compost. It can also be brewed into a tea and applied as a foliar feed.

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