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Green Planet 1 Part Medi One Kit

Green Planet 1 Part Medi One Kit

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Green Planet’s all-natural 1 part base nutrient, Medi One, is now available in a convenient and ready to use nutrient kit. This kit includes everything you need to grow from early veg till the last weeks of flower with easy-to-mix 500ml bottles.


Medi One
Medi One is an all-natural, award-winning 1-part base nutrient system intended for fast growing annuals. Intended to be used through both the grow and bloom cycle. Easy to use, just adjust pH and feed to your plants.

Ocean Magic
Ocean Magic is fertilizer derived from Atlantic Sea Kelp harvested from the unpolluted water of the Northern Atlantic Ocean. A naturally-derived growth enhancer designed to support rooting, reduce environmental and transplant stress, improve nutrient uptake, and increase the overall vitality of your plants.

Massive is an all natural bloom booster that utilizes bee waste including honeycomb to amplify a plant’s natural growth processes. Massive will supercharge your flowers, making them bigger and denser through a unique blend of naturally derived nutrient components.

Liquid Weight
Liquid Weight is an excellent carbohydrate supplement that provides an added energy source for your plants, resulting in impressively large flowers and fruits. Carbohydrates support both your plants directly and act as a great food source for the microbial life in the root zone.

Rezin is the latest product from Green Planet that contains a combination of acids created through a complex fermentation process. It’s designed to enhance flavour and aromas. Rezin will not affect your PPM. This means that you can run it with any nutrient program at full strength.

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