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Green Planet Hydro-Ox 29% Hydrogen Peroxide (Food Grade)

Green Planet Hydro-Ox 29% Hydrogen Peroxide (Food Grade)

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Hydr-Ox is a concentrated formula of hydrogen peroxide that is used throughout the entire life cycle of your plants to maintain a clean and healthy garden.


At the molecular level, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is the result of water (H2O) combining with an additional oxygen (O) atom. When hydrogen peroxide breaks down through use, the unstable oxygen atom will either attack any organic molecule or attach itself to a nearby oxygen atom to produce a stable oxygen molecule. The byproduct of this reaction is simply water. This means Hydr-Ox has a variety of uses in the garden as a source of oxygen and a sterilizing agent. Adding it to a hydroponic or soil garden will boost oxygen levels and help suppress diseases and root rot.

After it is applied, Hydr-Ox will dissipate quickly so you can introduce any desired microbes and bacteria that you want in your grow medium or systems. It can also be used as a sterilize a variety of gardening equipment such as nutrient reservoirs, hydroponic systems, and harvesting tools.

Add 1-2 ml per 4 litres of water. Let stand for 20 minutes, then add to plants. Must be diluted before using.

NOTE: Due to the properties of hydrogen peroxide, Hydr-Ox will eliminate organic or biological additives in hydroponic systems or nutrient solutions if they are present.

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