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Holiday Perlite 112L

Holiday Perlite 112L

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-Approved for organic gardening
-Perlite improves drainage and aeration in heavy and compact soils.
-It promotes root development.
-Adding perlite to your potting soil reduces the weight of large containers, making them easier to handle.


Approved for organic gardening
Improves aeration and drainage of heavy and compact soils to promote root development.

A volcanic rock, perlite expands after crushing and baking.
It is known to dilate four to twenty times in volume when heated.
During dilation, perlite particles form white granules with tiny cavities or pores.
The porous surface retains water needed for plant roots and forms air passages at the base of plants, thereby providing optimal aeration.
Perlite varies in colour from bone white to gray.

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