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Mammoth Propagator 125

Mammoth Propagator 125

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Large tent to propagate plants


Dimensions: LxWxH (cm) 126 x 62 x 123

This propagator includes steel frame shelving!

Top quality lightweight Mammoth brand grow tent, covered with a highly reflective silver coating that greatly increases the light intensity on the inside. The lightweight material has a strong tear resistance, is heat resistant, oil, grease and moisture resistant and washable both on the inside and outside.

The Propagator 125 is equipped with 3 height-adjustable trays for growing in layers and has a level 1 light density and are therefore completely light-tight due to it's light tight zipper.

The Mylar tent cloth of the Propagator has a high reflectivity of 95%.

The sturdy metal frame is easy and quick to set up and can carry 20 kg per cultivation layer.

The propagator is equipped with hanging options for grow lights and extraction system.

The propagator has ventilation and cable openings with lockable covers

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