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Mondi Mini Greenhouse 4" and 7" With Easy Vents

Mondi Mini Greenhouse 4" and 7" With Easy Vents

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  • A professional propagation dome for starting seeds or cuttings

  • Temperature and humidity controlled by two adjustable vents for better growing results

  • Designed to provide more cubic volume for your growing plants

  • Constructed from heavy duty, high grade plastic to maximize light penetration and stand up to repeated use

  • Perfectly fitted for standard 1020 trays, to create a tight seal and reduce moisture loss


MONDI MINI GREENHOUSE 4" and 7" WITH EASY VENTS Mondi Mini Greenhouse is the ultimate humidity dome that ensures the highest success rates in plant propagation. The 'Perfect Fit' system was developed to fit tightly on standard 1020 trays. The Mondi Mini Greenhouse has the most volume of space, allowing seeds, cuttings and plants more room to develop. The Mondi 'Perfect 2 Finger Easy Vent' allows for perfect control of humidity levels for optimal environmental conditions. Thick, heavy duty, high grade plastic maximizes light penetration and stands up to repeated use. The Mondi Mini Greenhouse gives seeds and cuttings the Mondi Advantage.

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