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My Good Green Ferminator

My Good Green Ferminator

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Fermented Plant Wash Concentrate


AVOID USING CHEMICALS with this organic, eco-friendly, and effective fermented plant wash, safe to use on any plant!

FULLY NATURAL AND ORGANIC methods are used to create this fermented plant wash, helping to make sure everything in your garden is meant to be there!

PERFECT SOLUTION TO PLANT PROBLEMS such as White Powdery Mildew, or even pest control. Simply spray a coating of Ferminator on your plants to keep them safe!

WORKS WITH HYDROPONICS for indoor or outdoor gardens and greenhouses, to ensure your garden remains safe and healthy no matter the location or methods of growing!

OPTIMAL RESULTS FOR YOUR GARDEN with My Good Green Bokashi Compost System and My Good Green Bokashi Bran. Safe and beneficial to humans, animals, and the environment

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