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Nutri Plus Bloom

Nutri Plus Bloom

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2 Part Bloom Solution A/B



Concentrated liquid nutrients  nutri+ BLOOM

Our concentrated liquid bloom fertilizers allow your plants to bloom as much as possible, at minimum cost. •  Made from reverse osmosis water assuring a reliable and quality product.

•  By respecting rigorous manufacturing standards, our fertilizers contain fewer contaminants than the competitive brands.

•  Fertilizer without electroconductivity and chlorine free.

•  Formula rich in calcium necessary for the production of healthy roots and for the enhancement of the immune system, and in magnesium essential for the production of chlorophyll.

•  A + B fertilizer reliable for 20 years in Eastern Canada.

•  Easy to use, super concentrated formula, economical.

Nutri Plus Bloom Two Part Mix Rate
Recommended mix: For 1 litre of solution, combine 2,5 ml of nutri + BLOOM “A” in one litre of water; add 2,5 ml of nutri + BLOOM “B” and mix well.

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