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Power Si Original 250 ml

Power Si Original 250 ml

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Power Si Original is the original patented form of stabilized, bioavailable silicic acid for crops.



Power Si works with the best possible silicic acid matrix (patented) to enable superior absorption. Power Si is widely recognized as the leader in silicic acid. Power Si is a proprietary organic biomix containing highly bioavailable micro and macronutrients. It is a pure, highly concentrated formula with fast visible effects.

Power Si also increases nutrient absorption and bioavailability of all other nutrients by acting as an efficient transporter. Furthermore, Power Si reduces nutrient salt build-up and dehydration of your crops. Power Si is proven to build stronger cell walls decreasing susceptibility to various diseases resulting in stronger plants and thicker stems.

Power Si also corrects and reduces the space between internodes caused by environmental stress and nutrition imbalances improving your crop’s overall health.

  • Improves absorption of nutrients

  • Increases resistance against abotic and biotic stresses

  • Significantly reduces transpiration

  • Improves the germination process and root structure

  • Doesn’t raise the pH of your water

  • Suitable for all types of crops

  • Fully compatible with all other fertilizers, boosters, and plant protection products

  • Improves end quality of crop

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