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SunBlaster 13 watt 6400K CFL

SunBlaster 13 watt 6400K CFL

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SunBlaster CFL's are high output self-ballasted lamps with low energy consumption. These all-purpose bulbs are for designed for horticultural use, however they work equally well in the office, warehouse, classroom, household, or anywhere else flicker free, healthy lighting is desired.

4 Pack


State-of-the-art electronic, compact fluorescent bulbs are the smallest sized full-spectrum, energy saving lights available. These 13 watt compact fluorescent bulbs fit into a variety of light fixtures such as table lamps, wall sconces and track lights. These bulbs are cost effective replacing your high-wattage, short-lived incandescent bulbs.

Full spectrum compact fluorescent bulbs 6400 Kelvin, provide natural colour comparable to sunlight, increases visual activity and reduces eye fatigue. These bulbs are excellent for indoor greenhouse applications, where the suns natural light is not available.

Use 6400K for growth & 2700K for budding or flowering stages.

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