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SunBlaster High Output LED Grow lighting

SunBlaster High Output LED Grow lighting

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    • Available in three sizes (24, 36, and 48 inches)

    • Stronger light output using the same wattage as T5 tubes

    • Very low heat output

    • 6400K colour temperature ideal for vegetative growth

    • Keeps seedlings strong



1xLED Strip light - 2x LED Mounting clips -2x LED Hanging clips -1x Power cord with on/off switch - 1x linking cable (14")



SunBlaster has created these lights to maximize the the quality of light output, meanwhile creating little to no heat. This means using the same amount of wattage as the traditional T5 Fluorescent bulbs, with a higher quality light to nourish your plants. The light output strength of these 6400K strip lights will remain consistent for 50’000 hours. As with the tubes, multiple lights can be linked together to a single energy source in order to create a very bright growing environment nearly anywhere. These lights work with the Universal T5 Hanger, and the Universal T5 Light Stand.

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