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SunBlaster High Output LED Lights With Prismatic Lens

SunBlaster High Output LED Lights With Prismatic Lens

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SunBlaster LED Strip Lights are great for many applications.

SunBlaster LED strip lights are designed to maximize overall performance, economy and extend longevity, while providing the best possible lighting for all indoor growing applications. Our Self-Cooling Technology allowed our engineers to push SunBlaster LED Strip Lights to maximize their output without creating excess heat, or wasting resources running cooling fans.

NEW PRISMATIC LENS LED STRIP LIGHTS: These high efficiency LED lights produce up to 20% higher light output by using a more efficient LED array. The light passes through a prism that focuses the light into a  90-degree beam angle rather than the usual 120-degree out- put. This brings more light energy to the plant canopy and stimulates faster growth.

Power Consumption 36 Watts
Rated Life 50,000 Hours
Nominal Length 573 mm
Nominal Width 46 mm
Nominal Height 36 mm
Colour Temp 6400 Kelvin
Lighting Angle 120°
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