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7 inch SunBlaster Nano Dome

7 inch SunBlaster Nano Dome

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The patented recessed H-shaped groove gives the dome superior strength, but it's more than just a structural feature, it allows both our T5 NanoTech lights and our new LED Strip Lights to fit securely in the dome, ensuring lights stay centered, and plants receive even light coverage.

    • Speeds germination and improves seedling success

    • Maintains high and even humidity while controlling temperature levels

    • Adjustable vents control air circulation, temperature and humidity

    • Compatible with all 1020 seedling trays or flats


Engineered to receive lighting bi-directionally.

Want to light four 1020 trays simultaneously?

No problem!

Just line them up side by side and use just two SunBlaster 4’ lamps to get the coverage you need.
SunBlaster T5HO + NanoTech T5 Reflector + NanoDome

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