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ThermoFlo Flexible Air Ducting

ThermoFlo Flexible Air Ducting

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  • Manufactured with triple foil laminate industrial grade casing & double sealed core prevents punctures

  • Reinforced with “Rip-Stop” to eliminate tearing and unraveling

  • Industrial grade woven fiberglass core reduces noise

  • Galvanized spring steel helix maintains duct shape and prevents rust

  • Duct components are flame resistant and self extinguishing

  • Can withstand high humidity and high heat without duct failure

  • Oversized to fit easily onto connectors and fans

  • Allows more efficient air flow reducing energy consumption

  • Convenient and quick installation will help reduce costs

  • Maintenance free when installed according to manufacturer’s guidelines

  • Complies with NFPA standard 90A & 90B

  • c-ETL-us certified for peace of mind and conforms to UL181 standards & CAN/ ULC-S110-M86

  • Made in North America with strict quality controls

  • Distributed by an extensive continent-wide network of wholesalers

  • Available in 25’ and custom lengths as a special order

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