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XXXtractor 3-Bag System (25, 75, and 220 microns)

XXXtractor 3-Bag System (25, 75, and 220 microns)

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Available in 5-gallons, and 14-gallon sizes!

Add 200 grams of dry plant matter
Trichome yield of 10 to 20 grams (5 to 10 % of dry plant matter)

Extra items needed:
– Electric mixer
– 2 Bags of ice
– 5 Gallon/14 gallon bucket
– Paper towels


XXXtractor bubble bags are fully assembled in Canada using a durable waterproof nylon. To assemble the cold water extraction bags we use a water resistant thread used in the manufacturing of swimwear. Our mesh is woven with a special high module polyester yarn and has been specially developed and engineered in Switzerland for industrial use.

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